KoolBreeze Tallahassee Helicopter Tours

Explore the wonderful surroundings of Tallahassee from the comfort of an air conditioned Helicopter. Nonstop scenic tours are within a radius of 25 Statute Miles of Tallahassee Airport.

Tour rates are based on number of passengers and flight time required.

Scenic Helicopter Tours of Tallahassee
Doak Campbell Stadium
Wakulla River and Boat Marina
St Marks Light House

Helicopter Charter Service
Nonstop Commercial Air Tours
Ferry or Training Flights
Aerial Photography or Survey
Rice Pollination

The Helicopter

About Our Helicopter Tours

We operate a Robinson Helicopter 2015 Raven Series R-44 II with excellent reliability, responsive handling, and altitude performance, making the R44 the ideal helicopter for private, business, and utility applications.

Garmin GTN 750 navigation system
Air Conditioning, Seats 4
Equipped for IFR training
Bose noise canceling headsets

Helicopter Front
Helicopter Rear
Helicopter Bottom

Air Charter Service

KOOLBREEZE HELICOPTERS, LLC is pleased to announce its status as:


That authorizes picking up passenger at point A and dropping them off at point B without delay. There are several other options as well in accordance with the FAA Code of Federal Regulations.

Travel on your own schedule in an air conditioned cabin with leather seating and with the ability to land at hotel helipads, private properties (space permitting) or other locations, always with safety in mind.

Pick up and drop off at Tallahassee Airport, “Million Air KTLH”

Where are you going: Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando? KoolBreeze Helicopters, LLC is ready to get you there quickly and comfortbly! Call 713 545 3817 or email: andre@koolbreezehelicopters.com.

Aircraft: 2015 Robinson R-44 II, N488AC, Air Conditioning, Latest Avionics

Seats: 3 passengers + 1 pilot

Range: 348 miles

Cruise Speed: 124 mph

Helicopter & American Flag
Group Around Helicopter

The Pilot

Your Pilot is a Commercial Helicopter Pilot and Flight Instructor.

Originally from Paris, France,  Andre has always had a passion for flying.  He accomplished his  goal of becoming a helicopter pilot in Houston, Texas in 2006, obtaining all his helicopter ratings including  CFI & CFII. Having his own 2015 R-44 II Robinson Helicopter and establishing his business KoolBreeze Helicopters, is a dream come true.

Andre F. Connan, CFI, CFII
Commercial Pilot
Flight Instructor
Instrument Instructor
Ground Instructor

Pilot and Helicopter
Golf Course Areal
Helicopter Turning
Helicopter Front
River Island
Gauge Cluster
FSU Stadium
Pilot and Passengers
Lake Areal
Farmland Areal
Helicopter Starboard Side
Kool Breeze Shirt
Train Tracks
Pilot and Passengers
Forest Areal
Pilot and Passengers
Helicopter Flying

HD Aerial Video System, Cineflex V14

Dog island, Florida 200 year old shipwreck uncovered after storm
Cineflex V14 Camera Side
Cineflex V14 Camera Rear
Dog Island
Cineflex V14 Camera Front
Dog Island

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